The Board of Directors for the Strategic Recovery Institute (SRI) draws from a wide range of occupational backgrounds, and is rich with philosophical and theological diversity. SRI”s board members are a mix of youthful, talented and wise, “life tested” energetic men and women who desire to bring broad social changes to the endemic problem of homelessness.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Director of Administration - Logistics

 Wilson Ismael Jáquez

Currently serving his country as an educational expert for the Department of Defense, he is a veteran Sergeant of United States Marines.  During said time in uniform he managed to become the very best logistician in his field, almost completely by accident.  

He is a devoted father to his three beloved children, an avid historian, and student of human nature. 

He joined the board of the Strategic Recovery Institute because he believes in its vision - a world free from both psychological and material bondage – and he serves in every way that he can. 

When not glued to his desk or discussing the principles of Adult Learning Theory with one of his instructors, he can be found in the gym lifting weights, on a run just for fun, or engrossed in a Tom Clancy novel.